Your vision statement is your future imagined!

It’s a strange and amazing phenomena how our “feelings” act as receivers and transmitters of the things we desire in our lives.

People and things are drawn towards us and repelled away from us according to these “feelings”.

Because of this we have to do three things 1) focus on greater awareness of our feelings 2) understanding how to “harness” that power 3) attract our desire to us through thoughts, words, and actions.

This requires we capture an “image” of the future that is strong enough to lead us through the “valley of the shadow of death”. This valley is simply the “lows” of life that causes a “death” like experience. The lows of life will come and go like the ocean tides but we don’t have to rise and fall in our vision. 

Our feelings will go up and down but we don’t allow those up and down moments to define our destination.  The destination is the “future”  you hope to achieve and fulfill.  This requires deep introspect and reflection into your own soul.   

The most important question you can ask yourself is “What do I want?”  When you answer this with sincerity and peace with the response you have found a resting place for your emotions.  It is at this point when you can say “it is well with my soul”.

How well are you managing your feelings?

How well are you managing your thoughts? 

How well are you controlling your actions?

We can’t afford to let temporary “experiences” create permanent feelings within us.  Remember, take some time to meditate on things that are 1) Pure 2) lovely 3) have a good report 4) have praise in it 5) have virtue. 

These things are key to a sustained level of peace.

Are you looking to gain more clarity?