When you decide that you want to make a difference in your life and  in the lives of your family or friends you have to have focus and you have to ‘see’ clearly’. Your first step is look inward at what you are passionate about. What is the thing that annoys you so much that you have to do ‘something?  When you can see clearly what you want to change or what you want to contribute, you can change the world.  Helping you identify in some cases and clarify in other cases is what we love to do. It also helps that we do it well!!

Our team of amazing consultants will work with you one-on-one or in small groups at your site to create a compelling statement of vision that you in turn will leverage in your organization to gain more traction and momentum towards fulfilling your dreams and your vision.  Contact us today to get started and receive FREE a video download on ‘Aligning with the Vision’

Tailored to Suit

Our clients range from corporate execs and CEO’s to fledgling startups to widows and divorcees to the college student.  Everyone needs to tap into the power of vision.  Vision will bring a level of discipline that you may have never witnessed in your life.

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Achieve success through our amazing offerings

    • Vision Statement Creation:   Our talented Vision Consultants will walk you through a process in which you will be given an opportunity to share what it is you truly want to do in business or in your career.  You will be prompted on how you came to be in your current profession, job, business or current place of transition or just being on the cusp of your newest endeavor.  You will get a framed copy of your vision statement as well as vision journal which helps you gain mastery of your vision. Included you have 3 follow up sessions to make sure you properly moving forward.
    •   Cost: $397 x 1 Schedule Your Touch Base Call Only

Payment Options

    • A Brand New You Coaching:  Getting your vision is only the first step, but it is the most important one.  The next step that we encourage is to sign up for our vision coaching.  A coach has the ability to shift an individual into the next level of play using their expert knowledge in an area.  Vision has multiple applications in our life that can be leveraged to achieve greater levels of success, fulfillment and personal satisfaction.  Our coaches will make sure you are making decisions that are aligned with your vision and be that accountable partner that guides you provides support when the vision seems as if it is not coming.  Our coaches will show you how to listen to the vision as it speaks to you constantly. Below are the frameworks for our program:
    • Acquire the Vision
    • Master the Vision
    • Align with the Vision
    • Launch the Vision
    • Perspective Improvement
    • 7 Pillars of Perception

Life Alignment Packages:  

               Basic: This is a 3 month session.  It is good for individuals who have an understanding of their purpose and vision.  It is best for the person who has very few hurdles to overcome. 

  • They have the ability set goals. 
  • They have a personal track record in completing goals
  • They have a demonstrated ability to believe in their personal strengths
  • Need just some minor guidance to accomplish their vision

             Cost: $297

         Deluxe:  This is a 6 month session.  It is for individuals who have a very little understanding of their vision or purpose.  They experience challenges with remaining focused and staying on task for extended periods of timing.  Usually hit or miss.

  • They can not set goals
  • Don’t understand goals
  • They rarely complete things
  • They may suffer from anxiety
  • Go in and out of survival mode

             Cost:  $697

        Premier:      This is a 9 month session.  It is for individuals who have no understanding of their purpose or vision.  They struggle with many aspects of their own identity, value, or self worth.  Usually are extremely defensive and are in a constant state of survival mode.

  • Constant survival mode
  • Fearful
  • Defensive
  • Reactive to situations and environment  
  • Self doubt
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Possess a strong desire to change

   Cost:  $1197

Scaleable packages to fit your budget, Schedule for 15 minute Coaching Consult

  • The Success School:  We have online courses available on a range of topics to contribute to your success. 



A Couple’s Vision

Your wedding is a just around the corner and you have been planning and planning for the big day. All your efforts and energy are going towards making your BIG day just perfect. The day comes and goes without a hitch. The day is over and you finally get to relax because all of the work is done right?




Couples Vision Package:

  • His Vision + Coaching
  • Her Vision + Coaching
  • Our Vision
  • Vision Journal
  • 3 month Follow – up session

Cost: $697, Go ahead and

Schedule now before the big day. One less thing to figure out.  Let’s get started

The reality is, the work is only just begun. Now it’s time to focus on the marriage, the truth is, as many couples will attest, marriage changes things. Sometimes in small subtle ways, other times in huge unplanned ways.

The best way to deal with the changes is to have ‘A Couple’s Vision’. An often quoted scripture says, “Without a vision, people perish and lose all restraint”, in essence, without having a clear vision and direction for the future of your union, it is easy to get side tracked and pulled into other directions. However, when you sit down ahead of time with your bride/groom to be and create a clear, concise, and compelling vision that captures both of your hearts, you can stay on course. It’s the passion for life that you both share which caused you to fall deeply in love and you want to put this on paper as a guiding light towards your future.

The interview process is short but highly enlightening and can help solidify any open questions in an easy and thought provoking way. Schedule now!