The power of a written vision statement

There are so many things that can have power in our lives and those things we often granted power without us even being aware.  Often the power was complicit during our early childhood years. Now, here we are as adults trying to process why so many things have power over us.  In order to regain our power we need to understand the power of a written vision statement.

When we write our thoughts in essence we are communicating to the physical world a message of our will and desire. The carefully crafted vision statement is our imagination and desire exploding into the earth realm as a force of change.  As we slowly understand the unique power of our vision statement it allows us to change our reality.

Every person that realizes the power of their vision statement will begin to see gradual shifts in their perception and perspective.  A brand new focus will emerge that changes the vibration and frequency of their life.  The new focus will determine the thoughts, which determine feelings, which then changes behavior.  Ultimately, we all want our behavior to change and produce specific outcomes and results in our lives.

This can only be achieved by completely  replaces old thoughts and paradigms with more powerful in alignment with true desire.

This is a journey of daily discovery, “what is your true desire”? When we institute our vision statement into the equation of daily thinking we start to shift in that direction.

Consistently bringing the image of the vision statement creates a very powerful feeling of satisfaction that aids in “vision aligned goals”. 

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