We have been conditioned to believe helping others is more important than helping yourself first. Just take the example from airlines, in the event of a engine malfunction the first thing said is to “put your mask on first”.

The deeper meaning behind this is that you have to be at your best and peak in order to truly give someone the benefit of YOU.  This takes time and energy properly invested into personal development.

This has to be an investment outside of traditional education.  We must be educated on ourselves and our unique value proposition.  We learn in school Math, Science, English etc but the thing we don’t learn is who we are as individuals on this planet.

The core of understanding our value is to have a clear vision and perception of ourselves.  Who we see ourselves as being determines our perspective and that perspective determines how we feel.   Because when we feel good, we accomplish more and when we feel bad we tend to be depressed and less active.  This is where having a clear, concise, and compelling vision statement written to keep us focused on what is really important to us.   We have to see the end state or the end result and place our focus and energy to accomplishing that end.  A vision statement written clearly with our authentic self incorporated into it. One that includes our deepest dreams, goals, aspirations, and desires to lead us pass whatever life brings to us establishes constant inspiration.

How clear is your vision?

Translation, equip yourself, build yourself, and better yourself to be the best version of yourself.

Create a better perception and vision of yourself and step out into the world feeling your best!!  It’s time to do the work to build your value in the marketplace. Build a better vision!

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