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My dad passed away about 3 years ago and at his funeral I cried like a baby. I laid over his casket and balled my eyes out. Right there in front of everybody and I didn’t care. After what seemed like an eternity, I stood up, dried my eyes and I released him.

This was a pivotal decision in my life. That decision to release him and everything I felt he should have done for me and should have taught me. I felt the fog lift and in that moment I took ownership of my life.   I became thankful for what he did teach me and moved on.

In the next few months I wrote the vision for the  future that I saw for myself.   This is when the momentum changed direction and things started to completely line up.

We all have to come to that place in life where we must decide the direction for our life. Decide not to leave it to chance or to leave it in the hands of people who don’t always have your best interest in mind.

Are you that entrepreneur or that parent who needs to create a clear, concise, and compelling vision statement that is filled with your purpose, your passion, and the legacy for your children?

I believe you owe it to your business, yourself, your children, and your significant other to find out now.

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“WOW! The way my thoughts were captured & transformed into a vision statement that I can apply to my business is simply amazing!”


“Visionwriters created a vision statement that suits me just fine”

Do you already have a vision statement?

How well have you mastered your vision?
In order to gain mastery and complete clarity of your vision you need the following 1) a clearly formulated vision 2) you must have your vision consistently rehearsed in your mind 3) it must be regularly spoken out loud so you can hear it.

When someone asks about your vision
do you go into a long 5 min spill that feels like you’re rambling? Do you have a scripted response that has no energy, passion or inspiration? Let’s connect!